This article from Nonprofit Quarterly talks about situations where a charity may need a loan.

The Muttart Foundation has made loans to charities for more than 20 years.  They can take the form of mortgages, lines of credit, interim construction financing and more.

Not every loan request can be granted: the Foundation will do a full due-diligence review to ensure the charity’s ability to repay the loan.  Loans are ONLY made to registered charities.

If this seems to make sense to you, contact the Foundation’s Executive Director, Bob Wyatt, at

The Muttart Foundation has prepared the current discussion paper. Through a review of the role of municipal level governments in supporting early learning and care, this paper presents arguments and raises questions on the possible roles Alberta municipal level governments might play, and the responsibilities they might take on, to advance the public management, planning and delivery of services.

Engaging Alberta Municipal Level Governments

On February 8, Executive Director, Bob Wyatt, was one of the six people on a panel that spoke at the Senate Liberal Open Caucus in Ottawa. Muttart’s submission asked the Senate to undertake a major study into the laws governing Canadian charities – something that hasn’t been done for some 50 years. A copy of Muttart’s submission can be found here. A video of the full Open Caucus meeting will be posted at: