Caring and Sharing newspaper report

In today’s edition of the Edmonton Journal and the Calgary Herald, there appeared a special section entitled “Caring and Sharing,” focusing on Alberta’s voluntary sector.

You can access the section online at

The Muttart Foundation agreed to pay for this section to increase public awareness of the size, scope, successes and challenges faced by charities and non-profits. We believe that this awareness, if leveraged by the sector, can lead to greater public support of initiatives the sector believes are important.

The stories in the section were selected by Edmonton Journal staff and written by journalists with no input from the Foundation.

The section will remain online for at least the next month. We would encourage you to distribute the link to your colleagues and mail lists to increase awareness and perhaps encourage even greater journalistic attention to our sector. We would also encourage sector organizations in other parts of the country to consider similar initiatives. More awareness of the sector and its issues can never be a bad thing.

We’d welcome any comments you have about the special section.

Caring and Sharing newspaper report 2009