Regional Umbrella

Just as the voluntary sector requires leadership organizations at the national level, so too does it require co-ordination and support at the regional level.

The Muttart Foundation was a major player behind the discussion leading to the creation of regional umbrellas such as the Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations and the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations.

The Foundation commissioned the initial research into a provincial umbrella organization and has been a core funder of the Calgary Chamber since its inception. To date, the Foundation has contributed more than $1.8 million toward the start-up and operation of CCVO. Currently, the Foundation is continuing its core funding grant through 2021.

The Foundation has also supported ECVO through core funding grants and some start-up funding. It is currently providing funding to ECVO for membership development and expansion of programming for members.

Other organizations have received, and continue to receive, project funding, including a grant to Volunteer Alberta around policy work.