Eligibility Requirements

Bursary grants are awarded to registered charities, to allow a staff member or key volunteer to attend certain courses, programs or other training opportunities related to their work at the charity. Bursary grants are awarded through the charity, not directly to the individual staff member or key volunteer.

Eligible Charities:

  • Social service charities in Alberta and Saskatchewan; and
  • Early learning and care charities in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

INELIGIBILITY: Groups that are not registered charities or those which have, as their main purpose religion, education, health or the arts may not apply. Also, those agencies that are primarily funded through the tax base such as school boards, universities or colleges, health authorities and child-welfare authorities or band councils may not apply.

Eligible Courses or Programs

  • Courses or programs offered by a publicly funded post-secondary institution
  • Courses, programs or workshops offered by a non-profit organization or registered charity
  • On occasion, the Foundation will consider applications for attendance at conferences offered by a non-profit organization or a registered charity.

Ineligible Courses: Professional development offered through for-profit entities

Additional Information

  • An organization may apply for up to two bursaries per event.
  • The Foundation is only able to award a maximum of two bursaries per organization, per year.
  • The Foundation will only provide support for tuition or registration fees and is unable to consider travel, accommodation or incidental costs.
  • Each application is reviewed based on merit and a decision is usually made within two weeks of receipt.

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