Training Program

The Foundation offers a training grant program as part of its work to enhance the ability of charities to better serve Canadians. We view the building of organizational capacity through staff development as crucial to improving the effectiveness of charities, allowing those charities to provide enhanced supports and services to those they serve. A secondary goal of this funding program is to help foster collaborative attitudes within and across organizations.

Oftentimes charities across the sector have similar training needs yet have limited time and resources to provide quality training opportunities for staff and key volunteers. Through this funding program the Foundation will consider applications that brings together two or more charities to undertake a joint training initiative that would address a specific training need for those organization’s staff or key volunteers. The proposed training initiative must include a knowledge or skill component that has the potential to increase the capacity of individual staff members or key volunteers to contribute to meeting their organization’s mission.

(ie. cultural awareness, suicide prevention, child development, accounting, database development, etc.) The Foundation will not consider applications to support conferences, workshops or training opportunities that are open for registration.