Eligibility Requirements

Training grants are provided to registered charities to allow two or more charities to come together to undertake a joint training session related to a specific need within those organizations. The applicant charity will be required to oversee all aspects of any potential grant. Eligible charities include:

  • Social service organizations in Alberta and Saskatchewan;
  • Early childhood education and care organizations in Alberta and Saskatchewan;
  • Regional or national umbrella organizations that serve the charitable sector as a whole; and
  • Regional or national umbrella organizations that serve the early childhood education and care sub-sector

INELIGIBILITY: Groups that are not registered charities or those which have, as their main purpose religion, education, health or the arts may not apply. Also, those agencies that are primarily funded through the tax base such as school boards, universities or colleges, health authorities and child-welfare authorities or band councils may not apply.

Additional Information

  • The specific organizations involved in the training session and number of participants that will be in attendance must be identified before the charity applies to the Foundation.
  • The Foundation will not consider applications from a charity that is sending out an open invitation to attend a training event. These grants are aimed at meeting a specific training need within two or more organizations.

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