Program Details

The Training Funding Program is open to registered charities working in the field of social services and early childhood education and care organizations in Alberta and Saskatchewan and certain regional and national umbrella charities supporting charities in Canada.  The aim of this funding program is to build a charity’s organizational capacity through staff and key volunteer professional development.

Two or more eligible charities may jointly apply for funding that would see them collaborate on a training initiative for their staff or key volunteers. In some cases, rather than charities sending all their staff to separate courses or workshops, it may be more prudent for a group of charities to hire a trainer, instructor, or consultant to conduct a joint training session on a specific topic of importance to the charities involved. Funding for this type of training initiative may be eligible for funding under this program.

Available Funding

Generally, training grants are awarded in amounts less than $5,000, but in exceptional circumstances larger grants may be made.  Funding may cover course or workshop fees, instructor or consultant fees, room rental, and on occasion the consultant’s travel or accommodation expenses. It is preferable if courses or programs are offered by instructors from a publicly funded educational institution, a non-profit organization or a registered charity.  Prior to the application being submitted, the two (or more) charities involved in the joint training initiative must identify the staff and key volunteers who will be participating in the training.  This program isn’t intended to cover the training costs associated with conferences or workshops that are open for registration.

What Won’t be Considered

  • The training needs of only one organization
  • Conferences or workshops that are open for registration
  • Applications initiated by the consultant providing the course or workshop
  • Applications that have not first identified the specific charities participating in the training and the number of participants from each of those charities
  • Costs incurred (or committed to) before the award of the grant
  • Training that is required for mandatory certification or accreditation
  • Conferences, symposiums or summits

Application Process

Please submit applications to the Foundation at least one month in advance of the course or workshop start date to provide sufficient time for a review of your request.


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