Muttart Fellowship Publications

Through the Muttart Foundation’s Fellowship program, senior managers of social service agencies were provided with a sabbatical year to undertake a special project of their own design. Some of these projects result in a book or other work which the Foundation makes available to the public.

Many of the works are available in print format from Volunteer Alberta for a fee of between $8 and $12 plus GST, unless otherwise stated. Volunteer Alberta can be reached at:

Phone 780.482.3300 Ext 239. The works are also available for download within six months of the publication date.

Transitions: The Art of Implementing Positive Change

Karen Bruce The Muttart Foundation ©2006

2002 Fellow
Ms. Bruce examines how one can live through – even celebrate – major transitions in the life of a voluntary sector organization. Using her learnings in organizational development and behaviour, insights from authors and a fictional account, she discusses what can go right and what can make these transitions go off the rails.

Transitions, 1996

The Garden Patch – An Organic Approach to Planning for the Voluntary Sector

Anne E. Campbell The Muttart Foundation ©2003

2002 Fellow
This book looks at creating a civil society, organizations as living systems, essential elements of planning, and the methodology for scenario and strategic planning.

The Garden Patch, 1996

Rethinking the Voluntary Sector

Jim Campbell, Sherry Ferronato The Muttart Foundation ©1998

Saskatoon Community Service Village: A Co-Location Study

Marcia Clark The Muttart Foundation ©2002

1998 Fellow
This book chronicles the formation and operation of the Saskatoon Community Service Village, a collaborative strategic alliance between agencies in Saskatoon. The author discusses the challenges and benefits of this collaboration, and discusses membership, leadership, legal, governance, design and fundraising issues in her publication.

Saskatoon Community Service Village, 1996

Responding to Diversity

Maureen Collins The Muttart Foundation ©2006

2003 Fellow
Using the particular approach of ‘Just Therapy’ as the framework, the author covers concepts of developing meaningful partnerships, reciprocity, and sharing power. This workbook is of value to groups who are just starting to think about how to address issues of diversity in service work and to those who already have experience.

Responding to Diversity, 2006

Weaving Through the Community: Becoming a Responsive Board

Lindsay Ann Cooke The Muttart Foundation ©2001

1999 Fellow
This book provides background on the non-profit sector and examines ways that a board can gain an in-depth understanding of the community it chooses to serve.

Weaving Through the Community, 1996