Muttart Fellowship Publications

Through the Muttart Foundation’s Fellowship program, senior managers of social service agencies were provided with a sabbatical year to undertake a special project of their own design. Some of these projects result in a book or other work which the Foundation makes available to the public.

Many of the works are available in print format from Volunteer Alberta for a fee of between $8 and $12 plus GST, unless otherwise stated. Volunteer Alberta can be reached at:

Phone 780.482.3300 Ext 239. The works are also available for download within six months of the publication date.

Winter’s Children: The Emergence of Children’s Mental Health Services in Alberta 1905-2005

Germaine M. Dechant The Muttart Foundation ©2006

2004 Fellow
Ms. Dechant examines the often ugly history of the development of mental-health services for children in Alberta.

Winter's Children, 2006

Cultures at Work: Intercultural Communication in the Canadian Workplace

Ana Maria Fantino The Muttart Foundation ©2006

2004 Fellow
Ms. Fantino has spent much of her working life dealing with newcomers to Canada. In this book, she discusses what she has learned as a means of helping managers deal with the increasingly diverse workforce our country celebrates.

Cultures at Work, 2006

Sermons for the New Millennium

Martin Garber-Conrad The Muttart Foundation ©1999

1997 Fellow
The author undertook research to help demonstrate the value of the charitable sector. This collection of essays explores issues related to the non-profit sector at the dawn of the 21st century.

Sermons for the New Millennium, 1996

Accreditation of Child Care Centres

Margaret Anne Golberg The Muttart Foundation ©1999 - 1998

This study looks at accreditation models and standards for quality child care. This book may be purchased for $10 from:

Oliver Child Care Centre
10227 – 118 Street
Edmonton, AB T5K 2V4
Phone: (780) 482-2116
Fax: (780) 488-5545

Accreditation of Child Care Centre Margaret Anne Golberg 1999

Competition in the Voluntary Sector: The Case of Community-Based Trainers in Alberta

Walter J. Hossli The Muttart Foundation ©2000

1999 Fellow
The author highlights key competitive activities voluntary agencies now undertake to provide their services in the current environment. He explores the changes in funding, programming, administration, and more as agencies increasingly adopt a business model to survive. Recommendations aimed at alleviating some of the negative aspects of this new reality are made for funders, service providers, and stakeholders.

Competition in the Voluntary Sector, 2000

Improving Health Status through Inter-Sectoral Cooperation

Dr. John H. Hylton The Muttart Foundation ©2003

1999 Fellow
This book looks at Canada's health care system, the population health perspective, implications for community organizations and the health sector, and information on developing partnerships with the health sector.

Improving Health Status, 2003