Muttart Fellowship Publications

Through the Muttart Foundation’s Fellowship program, senior managers of social service agencies were provided with a sabbatical year to undertake a special project of their own design. Some of these projects result in a book or other work which the Foundation makes available to the public.

Many of the works are available in print format from Volunteer Alberta for a fee of between $8 and $12 plus GST, unless otherwise stated. Volunteer Alberta can be reached at:

Phone 780.482.3300 Ext 239. The works are also available for download within six months of the publication date.

The Road to Grandma’s House: Ways to Support the Housing Choices of an Aging Population

Gail Johnston The Muttart Foundation ©1999

1997 Fellow
The author undertook an initiative to develop research about future prospects for housing for seniors, given decisions by governments to reduce their funding of such facilities. As part of the research, Ms. Johnston developed a process to assist communities to address housing needs of seniors.

The Road to Grandma’s House, 1996

Conversations About Capacity Building

Joanne Kidd The Muttart Foundation ©2005

2003 Fellow
The author examines the notion of organizational capacity building. The writing offers contextual definitions of organizational capacity and offers suggestions on how organizations may examine their own effectiveness, and how concepts of organizational capacity may move them further towards their goal.

Conversations About Capacity Building, 2005

Enhancing Volunteer Participation with the Ethno-Cultural Community

Hadassah Ksienski The Muttart Foundation, ©2004

2002 Fellow
The author conducted a survey of volunteers which provided information on barriers, challenges as well as opportunities that people from different ethnic communities perceived in volunteering.

Enhancing Volunteer Participation, 2004

Political Asylums

Ronald A. LaJeunesse The Muttart Foundation ©2002

1998 Fellow
The author researched and wrote an historical account of the impact of public attitudes and social policy on mental health service delivery in Alberta.

Political Asylums, 2002

Radical Relatedness: Exploring the Spiritual Dimension of Family Service Work

Michael Shane McKernan The Muttart Foundation ©2004

2000 Fellow
This book allows readers to join the author in an exploration of the spiritual dimension of family service work.

Radical Relatedness Michael, 2004

Daunting Tasks; Dedicated People – Stories in the Management of Change in HIV/AIDS Organizations

Sherry A. McKibben The Muttart Foundation ©2004

2001 Fellow
Ms. McKibben explored how the nonprofit voluntary charitable sector, and AIDS service agencies in particular, cope with systemic change. She presents material, ideas, and examples of best practice from agencies in Canada and the U.S. to help increase the understanding of the dynamics of change and change management.

Daunting Tasks Dedicated People, 2006