Muttart Fellowship Publications

Through the Muttart Foundation’s Fellowship program, senior managers of social service agencies were provided with a sabbatical year to undertake a special project of their own design. Some of these projects result in a book or other work which the Foundation makes available to the public.

Many of the works are available in print format from Volunteer Alberta for a fee of between $8 and $12 plus GST, unless otherwise stated. Volunteer Alberta can be reached at:

Phone 780.482.3300 Ext 239. The works are also available for download within six months of the publication date.

Partnerships: Profits and Not-for-profits Together

Martha Parker The Muttart Foundation ©1999

1997 Fellow
The author researched Canadian resources to encourage effective alliances between the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. Her publication includes examination of trends in corporate giving as well as moves to increase employee volunteerism. Also included are detailed case studies, rationale for change, the evolution of leading corporations and not-for-profits, plus reflections and learnings.

Parthership, 1999

Community Based Organization Survey Results

Tom Seeley The Muttart Foundation ©2003

2001 Fellow
Mr. Seeley investigated the gap in expectations between funding organizations and agencies in relation to program evaluation. While researching the field of outcome evaluation, he compiled an annotated listing of some of the more exemplary resources available to not-for-profits. He also conducted a survey of organizations around their experiences with program evaluations, which is also included in his work.

Community Based Organization Survey Results 2003

Aging in the Workplace

Bob Sims The Muttart Foundation ©2003

2000 Fellow
The author examined issues arising in the not for profit sector as a result of staff aging in the workplace and created a presentation which he has shared with different not for profit organizations.

Aging in the Workplace Bob Sims 2003

The Board and Executive Director

Kelly Sloan The Muttart Foundation ©2006

2004 Fellow
There are few relationships more important, yet more perilous, than that between the executive director of a voluntary sector organization and his or her board of directors. In this book, Ms. Sloan talks about ways to ensure that relationship becomes and remains strong.

The Board and Executive Director, 1996

The Dance: Seeking, Administering and Accounting for Funds in the Voluntary Sector

Anne Smith The Muttart Foundation ©2003

2001 Fellow
This study is on the assumption that funding policies and practices impact the organizational development, operations and sustainability of Non-Profit Organizations.

The Dance, 2003

Igniting Young Minds and Spirits: Youth Governance

Wayne Wiens The Muttart Foundation ©2000

1999 Fellow
This publication looks at some of the philosophical elements of youth development models that may be incorporated into organizations who involve youth in their decisions. He also provides examples of barriers and challenges with youth involvement, and cites examples of successful organizations where youth play key roles.

Youth Governance, 2000