Muttart Fellowship Publications

Through the Muttart Foundation’s Fellowship program, senior managers of social service agencies were provided with a sabbatical year to undertake a special project of their own design. Some of these projects result in a book or other work which the Foundation makes available to the public.

Many of the works are available in print format from Volunteer Alberta for a fee of between $8 and $12 plus GST, unless otherwise stated. Volunteer Alberta can be reached at:

Phone 780.482.3300 Ext 239. The works are also available for download within six months of the publication date.

Social Enterprise: The Three P’s: Philosophy, Process, and Practicalities

Shelley Williams The Muttart Foundation ©2005

2003 Fellow
The author examines factors determining the success of social entrepreneurship ventures within not-for-profit organizations. This workbook-format publication offers individuals and social service agencies information and suggestions to help them decide if and how social enterprise may or may not fit with their own organization.

Social Enterprise The Three P's Philosophy, Process, and Practicalities, 2005

Untapped Potential: Fostering Organizational Social Capital in the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector

Terri Woods The Muttart Foundation ©2008

2004 Fellow
Ms. Woods examines the concept of social capital and how it can and should be applied -- internally as well as externally -- by the voluntary sector.

Untapped Potential, 1996

Letters to (not always of) Joy

Bob Wyatt The Muttart Foundation ©2006

2006 Muttart Staff Fellow
The Foundation is pleased to publish its executive director's Muttart Staff Fellowship monograph. Mr. Bob Wyatt's monograph, 'Letters to (not always of) Joy', argues in favour of a strong national umbrella organization to advance the work of the voluntary sector.

Letters to (not always of) Joy, 2006