The Childcare Resource and Research Unit, the Canadian Child Care Federation, and Child Care Now distributed an online survey to child care centres and family child care homes designed to gather information on the state of child care service delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic for the week of April 27 to May 1, 2020. Using data from the national survey, the Muttart Foundation and the Canadian Child Care Federation prepared this report comparing pandemic experiences of services providers in Alberta with those of service providers in other parts of Canada.

The Pandemic and Early Learning and Child Care in Alberta Final July 20

Muttart’s Board of Directors has asked the Premier and his ministers to include charities and non-profit organizations in any economic assistance program. The Foundation notes that these organizations are facing the same situation as businesses – lost revenue and ongoing operational and facility costs. The Premier’s Office has acknowledged the letter and said it has been referred to the Minister of Community and Social Services

Letter to Premier

The Muttart Foundation has made its submission to the Allan inquiry that is to enquire into organizations that have allegedly received foreign funding to make statements about Alberta’s energy industry. A copy of the submission is available here.

The Foundation carried out research to identify the degree to which Canadian charities report receiving funding from outside Canada. Data is based on the annual returns (T3010s) filed by charities with the Canada Revenue Agency for fiscal years ending in 2016 (the latest data available on the Government of Canada Open Data website).

This table shows all Canadian charities that reported receiving funding from outside of Canada. This table shows only those Alberta charities that reported funding from outside Canada.

By law, the Foundation is required to make available research it carries out or commissions.

The Canadian Council for International Co-operation has released a briefing note based on its research into problems caused by existing rules on how charities can work through intermediaries. This is a particular concern of charities working internationally, but also has implications for charities that wish to work with non-charities in Canada. The Muttart Foundation was pleased to fund the research.

Directed Charities and Controlled Partnerships