On February 8, Executive Director, Bob Wyatt, was one of the six people on a panel that spoke at the Senate Liberal Open Caucus in Ottawa. Muttart’s submission asked the Senate to undertake a major study into the laws governing Canadian charities – something that hasn’t been done for some 50 years. A copy of Muttart’s submission can be found here. A video of the full Open Caucus meeting will be posted at: http://liberalsenateforum.ca/open-caucus/.

Canadian charities have a long history of helping to inform and shape public policy at municipal, provincial, and federal levels.  For many, it’s a key strategy for advancing their missions.

Whether your organization has experience in public policy advocacy or is relatively new to the field, this extraordinary professional development opportunity will help you improve.

Between January and June of 2017, Max Bell Foundation will deliver its ninth annual Public Policy Training Institute (PPTI).  We will bring together another group of 25 leaders from Canada’s charitable sector whose organizations want to impact the public policy process.  Enrollment is open to staff or board members of any Canadian charity.

Selected organizations will delegate their representative to attend six monthly two-day sessions. Sessions will explore such topics as evidence, policy options, communications and engagement, and implementation.  Each participant will receive one-on-one coaching during the program to help them develop a policy-ready position on a given issue by program end.

On completion of the program, participants will have enhanced their knowledge and skills required to develop, inform, and monitor public policy on issues of strategic importance to their organizations.

The program’s lead faculty for 2017 is Jim Dinning.  Mr. Dinning’s extensive experience in government includes terms as a Deputy Minister and a Cabinet Minister.  Other faculty members include Nancy Reynolds, Roger Gibbins, Brenda Eaton, and Bob Wyatt.

The sessions will alternate between Calgary and Edmonton. Travel and accommodation bursaries will be provided to all participants.  Each admitted participant will be required to pay a fee of not more than $700.

For more information and the application form, click the link below.


At the end of June, 2015, the Muttart Foundation and seven of its private foundation colleagues jointly authored a letter calling for federal support and leadership in the area of early childhood education. The letter was sent to the leaders of the federal parties and has been published in regional newspapers across Canada. The letter was published in the Edmonton Journal at the end of June. The letter was subsequently sent to the Provincial and Territorial Leaders in support of their national discussions last week – that included a breakfast discussion on early learning and child care.

The Muttart Foundation has prepared the current discussion paper to begin the process of rethinking how the Alberta early childhood education and care workforce might best be developed to meet the needs of children and their families. The paper considers the knowledge, skills and competencies early childhood educators (including certificated teachers) require to deliver high-quality learning and care for children below the mandatory school age, as well as the educational preparation and professional learning requirements that supports these bodies of knowledge, skills and competencies. Dr. Rachel Langford, Director of the School of Early Childhood Studies, at Ryerson University, served as the lead researcher and writer for the paper and worked closely with Muttart Foundation staff in its development.

Advancing the Educational Preparation and Professional Development of Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Workforce

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